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Curtains & Duvets


Traditionally, curtain cleaning is a ‘spring cleaning’ affair because it’s typically
viewed as a ‘big job’.  But with our ‘take down and rehang’ service, curtain
cleaning no longer needs to be the hassle that it was in yester-years. 
We will happily visit your home, take your curtains down and away
for cleaning, return within an agreed time and rehang them for
you. Ideal if you are elderly and struggle with the weight of the
curtains.  Or even if you are a busy working man or woman,
that literally doesn’t have time to dedicate to such tasks. 
Just give us a call and we’ll come and help you out.


Yuck! Nobody likes the thought of those little dust
mites that find their way into your bedding! 
That’s why we recommend that our customers
have their duvets cleaned at least  at the end of
summer and winter.  That way, you can sleep
in peace at night, in the knowledge that your
bedding is fresh and free from dust and mites
that are often the cause of many allergies!






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