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Alterations and Repairs

Fabulous fitting clothes can make you feel like a million dollars.  So don't let those items waste away in your wardrobe because they're slightly too big, too small too long or even too short!   

Bring your ill-fitting garments to Unit 4 Dry Cleaning and we'll have
them looking fantastic on you in no time at all.  Our top quality
alteration and repair services are carried out by professional,
experienced tailors so you can rest assured that your
garments will be returned to you in pristine condition with
a fit that's perfect for you.

Call us now on 01302 810110 for a detailed

We are pleased to announce that Anne
(Formerly of Lauran Tailoring, Printing

Office St. Doncaster) is now working in-house
at our Balby, Doncaster processing unit for

all your garment tailoring requirements 
and would welcome customers old & new
to our new premises.






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