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Complaints Procedure

In the unfortunate situation of a complaint.

If we know we have made a mistake with your item, a replacement will be provided as soon as possible alongside our most sincere apologies.

If however there is a dispute over the fault and we are unable come to a satisfactory agreement with the customer, the next course of action is to despatch the item to an independent textile testing company (ITAS UK: International Textiles Analysis Services UK).  ITAS will make the necessary, independent tests to determine the fault. 

The fee for the ITAS service is currently £85.00 + vat + postage, which is initially payable by the customer; however we agree to abide by the testing company’s findings.

If the findings show that Unit 4 are at fault, we will be happy to refund the testing fee (including postage costs) in addition to the value of the damaged item in question.  We do however reserve the right to process this payment through our insurance company should the need arise.

Geoff Fuller